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The Scottish Border Terrier Club Open Show , due to be held on Sunday 6th June 2021 has regrettably been cancelled. At a virtual committee meeting it was felt that it is not possible to run a show under the present circumstances.




New dates – April 29 to May 2, 2022


The Committee of Border Terriers 2020 regrets to have to announce the postponement of its event by a further year until May 2022. This decision has been unanimously arrived at because of the current uncertainties posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new date will be April 29 to May 2, 2022. It has already been established that the venue at the Border Union Showground at Kelso is available and that the scheduled championship show judge Elspeth Jackson has agreed to officiate on the revised date. The date currently appears to be free of other conflicting activities, but final ratification of the changed date will still have to be obtained from the Kennel Club. 

The Committee recognises that delaying what were originally meant to be Centenary celebrations by yet another year, does seem odd but the reasons for coming to that conclusion are as follows:

  • The latest Covid-19 developments and the vaccination programmes in the UK don't look as though they're going to create a situation which will be able for sure, to be called anything like ‘normal’ in the first half of 2021.
  • The situation in many overseas countries and for international travel looks just as unfavourable.
  • There is a great likelihood of people having to continue to wear masks and observe some social distancing rules throughout most of 2021.
  • Though it would probably be possible to run an ordinary outdoor show at Kelso on the previously arranged May 2021 date, the Committee feels that that is not really good enough because so many other aspects of the event have been planned.
  • The Committee has from the start intended to make this occasion something very special, and with a real international flavour. It has come to the conclusion that it is highly unlikely that people will be moving around the world as normal by May of 2021.
  • Brexit too is currently making people nervous about moving dogs in and out of the UK until the rules are finally sorted out.
  • The option of simply moving to later in 2021 was considered but trying to get sensible dates for that with the now crowded UK show calendar, and with some clubs running more than one championship show next year, is likely to make finding dates extremely difficult.

For all of those reasons the Committee has agreed to abandon the idea of holding what might well end up as a sub-optimal event in May 2021, in favour of delaying the whole event by a further year to 2022 and making it the very special occasion that has been planned right from the start. The event is meant, after all, to be a celebration of the breed, so it does not really matter that it is delayed further from  2021 to 2022.

Euan Castel Secretary of the event said: “It is recognised that lots of people do want to get going again with shows, and of course that made going ahead in 2021 quite tempting for us. However, the Committee doesn’t think that doing so would be sensible for our particular event. It was always meant to be a very special occasion.

“Please take a note of the new dates - 29th April to 2nd May 2022 - when hopefully we will all be able to meet socially in a normal and enjoyable way in what we all hope will be a unique festival celebrating the Border Terrier in all of its various aspects.”

Further details will be updated in due course.




The Members Limited Show due to be held on Sunday 31st January 2021 has regrettably been cancelled.
At a 'virtual' committee meeting it was felt that it would not be possible to safely run a show at Kirkpatrick Fleming. 




36th Championship Show, 14th November 2020

Judge Mrs Julie Guvercin (Glebeheath)

Victoria Hall, Selkirk



After carefull consideration the committee have regretfully decided that the Scottish Border Terrier Club Championship Show due to be held in Selkirk on 14th November is cancelled.

Taking account of the present and expected COVID restrictions it would not be possible to run the show in a way that would ensure the safety of everyone, social distancing etc. would not be possible.


Please stay safe and we hope to be able to meet again soon.



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Joyce has images fromall the Club Events and shows, at k9.joycemartin-photography

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See Following pages for recent show results

39th Members Limited Show, 26th January 2020

Judged Mrs J Carr (Wreighaugh)

BIS & BD was Bordurrock Rainbow Rising,

RBIS &  BB was Lairehope Ocean Charm

BP was Blackmine Blue Pearl at Chorbeck.

35th Championship Show, 9th November 2019


Judge Mrs J Johnson (Ratcheugh)

BIS & BD Cedarhill Melt In The Mouth

RBIS & BB Remony Frosted Ivy JW ShCM

BP Lairehope Ocean Charm



36thOpen Show, 2nd June 2019

Judge Mr Jem Thomas (Daluce)



BIS, BD & BV Irton Morse Code JW

RBIS & BOS Achnagairn Touch of Class


BP Chorbeck Move To The Music





38th Limited Show,27th January 2019

Judge Mr P Lothian (Lairhope)


BIS & BB Achnagairn Red Card


RBIS & BD Irton Mountain Dew


BP Otterbobs Georgia Blue



34th Championship Show, Saturday 10th November 2018

Judge Mrs C Archibald (Tweedburn),


BIS & BCC Ir Ch Ploughdown Paloma


RBIS & DCC Ch/Am/Can/Ch Cedarhill Beyond the Stars


BP Valicetarn Velvet


35th Open Show, 3rd June 2018.

Mrs J Lilley (Kensing) Judge

Judge Mrs J Lilley with the main winners

BIS, BB Shiftyfox FairyMist

RBIS,BD Lairehope Highland Chief at Tweedburn

BPIS Glenbucket Highland Queen

BV Ch Lairehope Lord of the Glen at Tweedburn






37th Members Limited Show, 28th January 2018

Mrs Margaret Armstrong (Carrickfarm) Judge

BIS and BD Lairehope Duke Diamonte

RBIS and BB Achnagairn Touch of Class

BP Brackenfell Born To Be Alive

Judge Mrs M Armstrong with the main winners

33rd Championship Show, 11 November 2017

Mrs Elaine Cuthbertson (Ashbrae) Judge


BIS &DCC was Cedarhill Ghost Writer

RBIS & BCC was Oakyard On Song

BP was Otterpaws Mountain High


The show was graded Excellent by the Kennel Club! 

Congratulations to all involved in organising and running the show.

34th Open Show, 4th June 2017

Judge Mrs K Stockley with the main Winners

BIS and BD Howthwaite Grainsgill

RBIS and RBD Lairehope Highland Chief of Tweedburn

BPIS Tojamatt Rhythm N'Blues at Raedwulf

BOS and BB Remony Frosted Ivy

BV Ch Lairehope Lord Of The Glen At Tweedburn

Members Limited Show, 29th January 2017

Judge Mr M Johnston with the Main Winners

BIS, BD, Lairehope Highland Chief of Tweedburn

RBIS,RBD, Stineval Basil of Cromlechs

BPIS Howthwaite in Voice

BOS, BB Howthwaite Gold Dust




Championship Show 12th November 2016

Judge Mrs Nancy Hogg with the main winners

BIS, 1st OB, BCC Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star

RBIS, 1st OD, DCC Ch Cobestoneway River Magic JW

Best Puppy in Show 1st MPB BPB Ridgebow Pendle Witch

Open Show 5th June 2016

Main winners with Judge Mr Chris Wallace

Best in Show, BD,  Howthwaite Grainsgil

Reserve Best in Show, BB, Otterbobs Xolana

Best Puppy in Show , BPD Shifty Tired and Tested


Members Limited Show, 24th January 2016

Judge Ms Joyce Orr


Main Winners with Judge Joyce Orr

BB and BIS Remony Frosted Ivy

RBB and RBIS Irton Scotch Mist

BD and BOS Thorneyburn Peace Pipe of Wreigham

BPIS Lairehope Highland Chief of Tweedburn

Championship Show 14th November 2015

Judge Ms Tracey James

152 dogs for 165 entries, 6 NFC


Judge Tracey James with BIS, Ch Tarkaswell Double Agent JW; RBIS, Ch Lairdhope Lord of the Glen at Tweedburn; and BPIS, Achnagairn Prim N'Proper. 


1st OB, BCC & BIS Ch Tarkaswell Double Agent

1st OD, DCC, RBIS Ch Lairdhope Lord of the Glen at Tweedburn

2nd OB, RBCC, Ch Ir Ch Ploughdown Placida

2nd OD, RDCC Remony Merry Gentleman

1st V, BVIS Ch Iachleslei Torus

1st PB, BPB, BPIS Achnagairn Prim N'proper



Open Show, 7th June 2015, Judge Mrs Ann Maltby (Pherjan)


Main winners with Judge Mrs Ann Maltby 

BIS 1st JD Ridgebow Rifleman JW

RBIS, BB, 1JB Remony Frosted Ivy

Limited Show January 2015, Judge Mrs D Lorraine

Main winners with Judge Mrs D Lorraine

BIS Remony Frosted Ivy

RBIS Flutorum Artful Dodger


BPIS Earthwise One To Beat

Championship Show, 8th Nov 2014. Judge: Mrs P. McLellan

Main winners with Judge Mrs P McLellan

Wadesliea Mr Heriot JW


Ch Irton Up Helly AA
Keycharm Phantom by Ridgebow

Ravenside Zenyatta


Stineval Napoleon


Glebeheath Tea N' Tiffers

Open Show, 1st June 2014. Judge: Mrs Allison.

Lairehope Lord of the Glen at Tweedburn



Beaconpike Venus



Picer Gillieflower



Fehmarn Highland Encounter



Ch Iacheslei Torus JW



Howthwaite In Vogue



Limited Show, 26th Jan 2014. Judge: Mrs E. Barrett.

Merumhor Suzy Snowflake of Lexmar



Joncroft Mosstrooper

Fehmarn Highland Encounter



Earthwise Follow Me

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