Judging List Questioairre
Judging List Questioairre


The Scottish Border Terrier Single Breed Open – 5th June 2022

Judge Norma Ellis – Normbar


I’d like the thank the Committee and the Exhibitors for making this a most pleasurable show to Judge.  Good sportsmanship prevailed and some good dogs to go over. Thank you to the Ladies in the kitchen who looked after me making sure we were supplied with excellent food and plenty of it …


Minor Puppy Dog (2ent)

1stMrs I Nicol – Upend Country Lad - Promising youngsterwith pleasing head. Ribs of good shape, good topline and well set on tail good pelt and harsh coat, moved out well - Best puppy Dog

2nd Angela Johnson – Hightarn Nightfall at Roseghyll – Another good prospect he has a pleasing front super rib and good harsh coat, super head and expression, moved straight fore and aft keeping his topline. Close up.

Puppy Dog (2 Ent -1 Abs)

1st Graeme Grassie – Ravenside Run To Me – Pleasing head with strong muzzle, nice reach of neck, ribs of good shape and well laid back, thick coat and pelt, moved soundly.

Junior Dog – ( 1 Ent 1Abs)

 Yearling (1 Ent)

1stGavin Ingram, David Alcorn & Mark Lowry –Ravenside Churchill – Smart boy, good narrow front, tight feet, good neck and shoulders, thick pelt harsh double coat, pleasing head and expression.

Special Beginners – (0)

Novice (2 Ent 2 Abs)

Post Grad ( Ent62Abs)

1stMr P Appleby – Hollexby Travellin Man – Attractive head and expression, lovely outline, good legs and feet, double coat and thick pelt, in fit hard condition moved well.

2ndAngela Johnson _  Kentixen Mint Imperial at Roseghyll – Smart boy best of fronts, lovely outline, best of coats and thick pelt, good topline. Pleasing head.

3rdMr&Mrs G & C Richardson- Staynorwood Rambler

Res Mrs J Potts Kadaredhills Breaking Free.

Limit  (7 Ent 3Abs)

1stMark Lowry – RavensideHellissio–Eyecatching boy best of fronts, pleasing head and expression, nice length of neck, narrow front, good topline kept well on the move, moved soundly  fore and aft. Thick pelt and harsh coat. Res BIS

2ndMr Appleby Hollexby Travellin Man.

3rd Angela Johnsson Kentixen Mint Imperial at Roseghyll

Res D & A Fryer – Knowecrag Tam O’Shanter by Irton

Open (2Ent)

1stMr P Armstrongs - Lynsett Lewis – Eyecatching boy presented in tip top condition of. Best of heads and strong muzzle. Strong neck and good ribbing, tight harsh jacket and thick pelt, excellent topline which he kept on the move, strode out soundly from well muscled quarters. Delighted to award him BIS.

Minor Puppy (2 Ent 1 Abs)

1st Margaret Amstrongs Carrickfarm Myra –  just right for her age lovely head and expression , good neck  into correct shoulders, good ribbing, and best of fronts, coat coming in nicely, moved well for one so young -  Best Puppy in Show.

Puppy (5Ent 2Abs)

1st Susan Gill Lairehope New Beginning for Tyneaster – Good head, strong neck, in full coat of good texture, thick pelt, moved out well.

2nd Miss A Pitt - Dejurra Blue Moon- Eyecatching pup with more training will have a bright future, best of coats lovely topline ,on her toes moving.

3rd Dr & Mrs Wheatley - Pipruda Rum Truffle at Loiriston

Junior (6Ent – 4Abs)

1stAngela Johnson – Roseghyll Lady Solitaire-  good otter head and short strong mussle, strong neck and good ribbing, straight front and tight feet, good topline held on the move, good thick jacket and pelt.

2nd Marjorie Wanless–Thorneyburn Usrsula  – smart girl showed well good head and keen eye, good front and condition, coat nice and harsh, moved well. Close up.

Yearling (5 Ent)

1stMr G Ingahm, Mr D Alcorn & Mr D Reynolds – Etterburn MrsBuckett.

Smart girl best of fronts and tight feet, good ribbing and topline, coat of correct texture with thick pelt, looked a picture stacked and didn’t disappoint on the move.

2nd Pamela Edminson – Tythrop Togged up for Kidson–shown in excellent condition best of jackets and pelts, strong neck and shoulders, best of fronts and feet, well muscled quarters which she used well on the move.

3rdAngela Johnson - Roseghyll Lady Solitaire.

ResMaster Harvey Parks - Great Clifton Chime.

VHC Marjorie Wanless- Thorneyburn Ursula

Special Beginners  ( Ent 1 Abs)

1st Master Harvey Parks- Great Clifton Chime – Getting the handling right now the girl was showing for him well done…nice girl good head and eye, good coat in condition, moved well.

Novice (3Ent 1Abs)

1st Master Harvey Parks – Great Clifton Chime.

2nd Margaret Armstong -  Carrickfarm Marnie. Nice girl best of heads, good front and condition, moved well.

Post Graduate (5Ent 2 abs)

1stLynda Templeman – Hollexby Heartbreaker at Tinkletop. Eyecatching bitch good otter head, straight front and good feet, good harsh coat and loose pelt. Moved soundly keeping topline on the move.

2ndAngela Johnsons-  Crosby Dark Duchess –Good head and expression, with excellent coat texture, great condition and well presented moved straight front and back.

3rdMiss A E Pitt – Foxwater Mis Adventrue.

Limit. (11Ent 7 abs)

1stLesley Armstrong -Rodgers –Otterwood Diadem JW – most appealing head and expression presented in good form, best of fronts , tight feet correct shoulders and topline kept well on the move, well muscled, strode out with purpose. Coat was harsh with good pelt. Res Best Bitch

2ndMrs J Potts - Kadarehills Henley Star – Smart girl in good form excellent profile well angulated shoulders and rear, good harsh coat and tail well set on, moved soundly

3rdMr & MrsRostron-  Hightarn Nighthawk -.

Res Mrs J Dixon – OtterpawsRed Red Wine.

VHCD& A Fryer –IrtonSovay

Open (5Ent 3 Abs)

1st Judith Fawcett  -Carrock Curiosity JW – Quality bitch looked a picture stacked, Best of heads and expression, good narrow front and tight feet, good shoulders and ribbing, good coat texture and thick pelt, moved soundly round the ring. Best Bitch

2ndMrs S & Miss s Knowles, Miss I Glen & Miss L Malcolm – Sweet Ebony Princess at Liatch. – Sweet girl nice head and expression, best of fronts good topline and sound mover, good textured coat. Shown well.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (12 Ent 7Abs)

1stD & A Fryer Irton Morse Code – 11yrs old and what a cracking boy he is, nice otter head and strong neck into straight front, well boned, good topline, thick coat of correct texture thick pelt, well muscled and tail well set on. Moved well. Best Vet

2ndMrs C A Archibald – Ch Lairehope Lord of the Glen and at 13 he sure is… what a lovely boy showed like a junior, good head and keen eye, narrow front, excellent topline and shown in profuse coat of correct texture, moved soundly Oldest Vet.

3rdAngela Johnsons - Blue Duke of Cumbria at Roseghyll

Res Angela Johnston Crosby Dark Duchess at Roseghyll



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